Client Overview

Vericimetry provides its investment strategies exclusively to select fee-only financial advisors whose investment approach integrates Vericimetry’s strategies into their holistic wealth management solutions. Vericimetry works closely with financial advisors in both the development and implementation of these strategies.

Financial Advisors

Vericimetry works with a select group of financial advisors who act as “institutional investors” by closely coordinating their investment decisions with Vericimetry’s investment decisions. Vericimetry believes an institutional investment framework improves the investment process by not straining to accommodate the needs of retail investors, thus keeping trading and operational costs low while providing our clients with targeted solutions and building deep relationships.

Individual Investors

Individual investors should expect independent investment advice from their financial advisors. Vericimetry works with fee-only financial advisors that act as fiduciaries for their clients. We strongly believe that having client-financial advisor “fee transparency” is critical to ensuring the fiduciary relationship.

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